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T-Minus Productions got it’s start designing and producing action scenes for some of Hollywood’s most creative directors and producers. T-Minus racked up experience in Film, Television, Animation, Commercial and Music Videos for years. Then set it’s sights on producing it’s own projects.

 T-Minus developed a business model that focuses on projects that will be profitable beyond the Box Office. The majority of T-Minus properties can take advantage of significant ancillary markets, including consumer merchandising, soundtracks, intellectual property licensing, syndication, spin-off, and other ancillary markets to positively effect the investor’s bottom line.

 T-Minus then beefed up it’s creative development and began to acquire properties that fit it’s business plan.

Today, T-Minus has several staff employees, 11+ feature film projects, and 5 television projects in various stages of development. They pride themselves in producing properties that are not only entertaining but also profitable.

 Based in Los Angeles and, T Minus Productions has ample experience filming on location while maximizing local tax incentives.